Cacoon Spotting with Chalet Shop

Forget hammocks and swing seats and say hello to this season’s answer to modern relaxation.  The Cacoon is innovative, fun and incredibly comfortable.   It’s a great place to relax after a hard day’s skiing.  Imagine curling up inside a Cacoon gently swinging on the chalet balcony with cushions, furs and a hot chocolate to keep you warm.  What a great way to enjoy the mountain views!

However, it’s not all about the snow…check out some of the places that these Cacoons have been spotted!

Beach-01 Bridge-01 Surf-01AusMango-02


If after a day on the slopes you’d rather close your door to the elements, then take inspiration from these Cacoon sightings.   Add an extra dimension to your living space or create an exciting den in the kids’ room.  Cacoons have been used in luxury spas to provide exclusive relaxation zones and in offices for creative thinking space.

images-2 IMG_7139-2 IMG_7187IMG_7180

Cacoons can be hung almost anywhere and can be packed up and taken with you on your travels.   So, click here and take a look at the range of sizes and colours available.

So, where would you hang yours?  Here at Chalet Shop, we think a Cacoon and hot tub on the balcony would be a match made in heaven.  We would love to hear your ideas.   Send photos of your Cacoon hanging in or outside of your chalet to us at [email protected]  We promise to publish the pictures on our blog and Twitter page and we’ll name your chalet!

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