Nothing says ‘chalet’ quite as well as a bit of cowhide.  We have a range of furniture and accessories that shows off the beauty of natural hide and hits the style spot every time!  Not only does cowhide look great but it is practical to the extreme – cowhide will easily withstand grubby mitts and spilt drinks.  So here they are, some of our finest specimens!

Diablooakandcowchair-800800Diablooakandcowchair-3-800800Diablooakandcowchair-2-800800Footstool400285Natural_cowhide_Be500500Natural_cowhide_Ex400285Natural_cowhideBlackNatural Cowhide Brown & WhiteNatural_cowhide_TricolourCowPrintPoolTable2

We are adding more products all the time so keep your eyes peeled and you will come across more unique examples!




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