Ski Property Packages

Whether you are planning to run your chalet as a business, enjoy it yourself or a bit of both, we work to provide all you need to kit out your property in one consignment delivered to the door. With years of chalet management experience under our belt, we’ve got the practicalities covered. But who says practical can’t be stylish? Our products are carefully selected so that they will stand up to hospitality use as well as look the part in a chic and contemporary chalet setting. Select the package below that works for you and contact us to talk it through. If you want to add your own personal touch then we’ll work with you to create a collection of products that suits your style, budget and available space. Our website is full of exciting products that we can add to a package or browse The Chalet Look Book for more inspiration and ideas. We’re looking forward to hearing all about your exciting project!


Items included in a typical Ski Property Package:

Dining furniture | Crockery | Cutlery | Glassware | Kitchen utensils | Pots, pans & bakeware | Bins | Kitchen and dining linen | Sofas and armchairs | Coffee table | Rugs | Cushions and throws | Bedroom furniture | Bed linen | Mattress | Duvets, pillows and bedding protection | Towels | Robes | Bath mats | Lighting | Accessories


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